Axe Throwing TDM is an add-on for Melee Only in TDM. As its name suggests, this mode involve the usage of BC-Axe and players are able to throw it. This mode is available only when the room is hosted by someone owned BC-Axe Beast.

This add-on is released along with BC-Axe Beast.


Up to 16 players (8 vs. 8) can join a room. BC-Axe Beast users will use their weapon while everyone who don't have it will be given a BC-Axe Rusty. The BC-Axe attack in this mode is different - RMB will do an upward slash similar to Police Baton's secondary attack, while LMB will allow players to throw the axe forward to hit opponent from distance.

If a player is unable to get a kill after several deaths, they will enter "Rage" mode (identified by a red smearing HUD) status and have red glow on their body. Rage players can take up to 3 Axe throwing hit, making them harder to kill from distance. However, they can still be killed in one hit by secondary attack.


  • Available in all TDM Map except specialized one (Sniper, Melee, Soccer, RPG/Melee, Grenade/Melee).


CrossFire China 2

CrossFire China 2.0 BC-Axe Battle Mode (Axe Throwing TDM) Gameplay ✔ 60FPS-0

Chinese CrossFire 2

Chinese CrossFire 2.0 Axe Throwing Mode (TDM) Gameplay !

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