Assassin Grenade is a special grenade of Assassin.


This grenade,when exploding can create a blasting area that pushes soldiers caught within its radius away from the center. The blasting zone also works if it's lower or higher than soldier's position, useful when soldiers hide in small places. It makes little noise and can easily catch camper and sniper off their guards.


  • During the BETA version of Mutation Knight Mode in CF China, players can use this grenade to kill Knight, but it shows no killmark. It is whether intended or not, but was later scrapped when officially released.
  • Due to the grenade's feature, players might be stuck in a wall, or even get disconnected due to code error. This can be seen very regularly when many people defend inside Excavation's cage area.
  • In patch in CF China, Assassin Grenade's knock range in Mutant Escape Mode has been decreased because mutant players would purposely jump off the edge to automatically recharge the grenade and spam it at soldiers on the edges.


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