Armored Mutant is the ultimate evolution of the Mutants in Mutation Knight Mode. When a Mutant fills up all 3 levels of the Mutation Bar, it is automatically transformed into this huge monster.

Armored Mutants are similar in some ways to the Xeno in Hero Mode X. They have 4000 HP and access to powerful attacks and abilities. Unlike the Xeno though, there can be more than one Armored Mutant in the game.

The main difference between the Knight and Armored Mutant: When the Soldier Level for the entire Soldier faction is filled up, all survivors become Knights. In the Mutant faction, all mutants have to fill their own individual bars to become an Armored Mutant.

Attacks and Special Abilities

Armored Mutants have powerful primary and secondary attacks, a forcefield, and a terrifying roar. Press G for the forcefield, and F for the roar.

Mark Skill Description
Attacks Left click (LMB) will make the Mutant throw strong punches. Right click (RMB) will unleash a mighty sonic clap that inflicts devastating damage.
Skill1 G-Skills Mutants respective skills; Armored Mutants use the Xeno's forcefield that enables the user to absorb only 1% damage from soldiers, and increase 20% speed for 10 seconds.
Roar1 Roar A roar that imposes fear, which freezes nearby soldiers and Knights. Normal soldiers will also drop their primary weapon.
Heat Signature When standing for 3 seconds, all soldiers will be high lighted in white color for the user.


  • The Armored Mutant in the Mutation Knight Mode made his first appearance in Thunder Tower as a re-textured version of the normal mutant zombie.
  • The Soldier Announcer refers to this mutant as an "Armored Terminator".
  • This monster is the only character that can force soldiers to drop their weapons.
  • This mutant looks very much like the Jr. version of Armored Engineer in Boss Arena.
  • Roar skill won't make soldiers drop their primary weapons if they aren't holding it.


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