The Ares weapon series is a special weapon set that released on CrossFire 2.0 content.

These weapons are made from thermostable ARES alloy which helped to win against the nano ghost. It features a possible modification to the weapon such as dual magazine, JHP bullets, slug shells, and backup sight.

Weapons list


  • Nano Hook-Ares release is delayed/cancelled.


  • The Ares weapon's color scheme is similar to CrossFire 2.0's UI.
  • In CF PH, it is the most expensive lotto with 40 eCoin per spin (only second to Thompson and RPK ID lotto which is 50 eCoin per spin), unlike the other lotto/crate that has a regular price of 30 eCoin per spin, probably due to the weapons' additional modification i.e. backup sights, JHP bullets, dual magazines and slug shells.
  • "Ares" is the name of the God of War in Greek Mythology. However, it is unclear whether the Ares weapon set is named after it.
    • In CF Vietnam, the 2.0 update patch which introduced this weapon set is also named "God Of War".
    • CF Vietnam and CF Philippines mistakenly describes TRG-21 Aries to have some references with Ares the God of War, even though there's no relation between Ares and Aries.
    • Interestingly, there is a real life firearm manufacturer from United States called "Ares Incorporated" which coincidentally manufactures firearm technologies and modern weapon system, in which the in-game Ares thermostable alloy theoretically could be classified as one of their products.


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