A grizzled veteran, who has seen countless tours of duty. He has been given the call sign, "Ares" by his comrades, after the god of war.
- Character Description
For the special character that appears in Hero Mode and Mutant Escape Mode, see here.

Ares is a male character in CrossFire.


He looks exactly the same with Hero in Hero Mode, but his shirt got changed to light green on the BL side while the GR side is simply a recolored version with blue color along with the added of covered sleeves, his beret is also recolored with blue camo as well. The BL side shares the same green gloves with his original counterpart while the GR side is recolored with blue color along with the blue camo sleeves.


  • CF China: Savior.
  • CF West: Ares.

Version Difference

  • CF China and CF West: Fall Damage Reduction and Immunity to self/teammate's grenade.


  • Interestingly enough, the covered blue camo sleeves on the GR side of this character is actually reused from Flying Tigers but with dark-blue color.



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