"The Arch-Honorary have achieved the highest ranks with indisputable skills and were promoted to Honorary Marshall."
- in-game description

Arch-Honorary is a character variant of Arch.


The Arch has now looked nobler to fit the required rank that can obtain her. Both sides look similar to the original counterpart, but they have more gold details such as medals, arm rings. She can also use Furious Kick like VVIP characters, which never happens to any normal characters.

Unlike the original Arch or the Grand one, Arch-Honorary is now able to wear normal functional items such as Flash Guard or Smoke Helmet instead of wearing exclusive functional items.

This character is rank-restricted for Honor Marshal players, and only obtainable after reaching Level 5 Honor Marshall.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF West
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia

Version Differences

  • CF China, CF Brazil, CF West, CF Vietnam, CF Russia: This character can hold up to 2 skills in the Character Upgrade System.


  • Strangely in CF West and CF Vietnam, this character doesn't feature the Furious Kick. This has created negative feedback from CF Vietnam players as it was promoted to feature Furious Kick before the update.
    • The first update of March 2021 add Furious Kick back to the character for CF Vietnam.
  • CF Vietnam incorrectly uses the Portugese name for this character in the health bar.



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