"ARCH represents the two soldiers who have been contributing to a distinguished military service in two different regions and have been in a fierce rivalry."
- Character description

Arch is a unique female character featured in CrossFire.


Appears to be a high-ranking officer, Arch is an exclusive characters for Marshal (Level 100) players. The GR model wears a dark-blue skirt similar to FOX but much less revealing, in addition to a black scarf on her back, plus she wears round sunglasses. In BL form, she wears a Marshal cap and her skirt is red with no sleeves, plus she wears golden high heels.


Available in all CrossFire versions

Arch's Se

Once bought, players will receive these equipment for use on Arch - they are exclusive and cannot be worn on other characters.

Items Arch

> GR Equipment Set

  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Dragon Hairpin
  • Baton

> BL Equipment Set

  • Marshal's Cap
  • Eye patch
  • Golden Gun Pouch

Also take notice that Arch cannot wear normal functional items such as Flash Guard or Smoke Helmet. Instead, they have premium items that come with those effects which players must buy to use.


  • When you observe the character models closely, you will notice some similarities in both sides. They have a very close resemblance and that implies that they are identical twins.
  • When you buy this character, you will get their equipment for FREE.
    • But in CFPH, Arch's equipment comes with a price of 30,000 GP each but only gives EXP Boost. Other functional equipment like the Marshal's cap and the Eye patch that has smoke/flash protection requires cash to purchase.
  • Depicting to their metallic legs, some think that they were injured, therefore replacing their legs with prosthetic or it's a leg armor.
  • Unlike other rank-restriction item, Arch only requires level 100 to be bought. This means if she is won via publisher-specific events, lower ranking players can select her as main character without any issue. She is the only female character that can be bought by GP.



CrossFire Character THE ARCH ☆

CrossFire Character THE ARCH ☆

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Cross Fire China -- The Arch (Marshal Character) -Review-!

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