Ammo inconsistency

Glitch example with DE-Silencer

The Ammo inconsistency glitch is a minor glitch that affect weapon's starting ammo. It's first spotted in CF Vietnam and has been happened with quite a lot of weapons released here ever since. There has been no official explanation from VTC about whether this glitch is intentional or not, nor will it be fixed in the future.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines


For some weapons, the stock ammo capacity is inconsistent - they have the correct ammo on all game modes, but in Mutation Mode and variants, spare ammo gains an additional magazine (except for Savage 110BA since it add 3 mags). This makes some weapons more effective in MM/HM/HMX due to the bonus ammo.

Technical details

All guns have 2 seperate ammo index (MaxAmmo / AmmoPerMagazine), one for normal mode and one for MM/HM/HMX ("Nano"). For most of them, these value are the same, but some will have the MaxAmmo (reserve ammo) increased by 1 magazine (except for Savage 110BA, by 3 magazines). Again, whether this is intentional or not is unknown.

Weapon list

The following is a list of weapons that are affected by this glitch

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