Alaska is an Elimination map sets within a small train station during a small snowfall and there are various pickable weapons to choose from.


  • Alaska (Most Versions).
  • Blizzard (Vietnam).


As the world starts to pay attention to the natural resources buried in the shore of Alaska's northern coast, the US government discovers an oil field of 30 billion barrels. The railroad in Alaska downtown, where 5% of world's entire oil field has been discovered, becomes the battleground for the countries who wish to take over the oilfield.

The government connects an oil pipeline that lengths 1,000 km across Alaska to Valdez to transport the oil and keep it to themselves. However, the Russian government, who discovered the oil field's value, cooperates with Black List to illegally take over the railroad and starts to steal substantial amount of oil.

The US government, who finds out the amount of oil transported through the pipeline is not sufficient, requests Global Risk to investigate the pipeline. They discovers that parts of the railroad have been illegally conquered, so they hired Global Risk in order to protect the oil field and liberate the conquered area.


Both teams spawns in small hangars; where weapons are immediatly available in the outdoor areas near either exits and spread out across the map. These weapons will vary from a version to another, but usually offer a large variety of different weapons that soldiers can pick up at the start (there are also few frags grenades).

The layout is one long path that connect both spawns, which forms a square; there are no alternate paths. Most fights occur on the main path, however, it is possible for soldiers to shoot across the center of the map from certain areas to get enemies on the other side. Although the space is somewhat tight, so they have to make their shot count.


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