AWM-Tiger is a sniper rifle variant of AWM featured in CrossFire.


Like most other Tiger weapons, it has a partial Tiger skin on its body and a 12-round magazine (+2), making it the second variant to have this ammo capacity after AWM-Blue Crystal. It shares the same basic stats with AWM.


  • CF China
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Español
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Brazil


  • In CF West, the AWM-Tiger states that the weapon has +10 ammo, hence on par with the AWM-Infernal Dragon. However, the reality is that it only has +5. This also makes AWM Tiger seemingly to have no ammo at all, due to the gun having 10 rounds mag which is already a +10, so the starting ammo is 0.
  • This is one of the three Tiger weapons that can be obtained permanently in CF Vietnam, the other being Kukri-Tiger and Dragunov Tiger.
    • Also, both AWM-Tiger and Kukri Tiger can be obtained through GP crates here.
      • Ironically, despite the fact that this weapon was put as GP crate, the publisher actually bundles it with Golden Soccer Ball and Kukri-Tiger (which is also a GP crate) in the Tiger of Asia CASH CRATE in the December 2018 update. Lots of people consider this as a joke since there are more Tiger weapons that can become New Black Market weapons.
  • In CF China, players can get AWM-Tiger for 30 days in Black Market with GP, but after New Black Market has been released, players only get 7 days but the item info still shows 30 days.



CrossFire - AWM Tiger - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AWM Tiger - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire China AWM-Tiger ☆

CrossFire China AWM-Tiger ☆

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