AWM-Red Line is a sniper rifle variant of AWM featured in CrossFire.


This gun has the same skin as the M4A1-Red Line. It comes with a 15-round magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy.

  • Exclusive in CF Korea (PMANG): It has a 7-round magazine and 35 in reserve.


  • CF Korea (PMANG)
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF West
  • CF Russia
  • CF Brazil


  • While both the M4A1-Red Line and AWM-Red Line are available in CF Vietnam, only the latter is obtainable permanently, as the M4A1-Red Line never made it to Black Market and can only be obtained temporary through events.
    • Strangely, AWM-Red Line is named AWM-Red Stripes despite sharing the same pattern design with M4A1-Red Line - this is because the CF VN Management Team keeps changing from time to time so new faces may not have enough knowledge on weapon names and consistency.



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