AWM-Blue Diamond is a sniper rifle variant of AWM that featured in CrossFire.


This variant features a blue diamond skin with additional 5 rounds per magazine. Otherwise everything is same with original counterpart.


  • CF China
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF West
  • CF Russia


  • Just like other Blue Diamond weapons, it also has the Blue Diamond icon on its buttstock, which is a service from Tencent. But the icon is hard to notice on the first person view, so other servers just simply update this gun without any change.
    • It should be noted that this gun was first released for a while before the appear of the other two Blue Diamond weapons. Hence the skin pattern is slightly different between this gun and the other two.
  • CF Vietnam removed this gun from Black Market. Later on, it can be obtained permanently via Casino Royal web mall at the price of 3361 CFC points (~30,5 $) or temporally via Ares crates where it serves as a junkie prize. Now it can be obtained through some events that allow players to choose permanent weapons.
  • In CF Europe, this gun was obtainable permanently for 150 coupons.



CrossFire Vietnam 2

CrossFire Vietnam 2.0 - AWM-Blue Diamond ☆

CrossFire - AWM Blue Diamond - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AWM Blue Diamond - Weapon Gameplay

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