AWM-A CF 10th Anniversary is an sniper rifle of AWM.


It uses the AWM-Advance model and has the white and orange color scheme on the black background with the 10th anniversary mark on it. It has 15 rounds per magazine with no speed improvement.


  • CF China


  • Based on the design, this weapon is pretty much inspired from AWP-Asiimov from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
    • This weapon's HUD is slightly zoomed in like the normal AWM with the bipod unfoiled. Probably, it was planned to be AWM-10th Anniversary like CF Vietnam, but later got changed to AWM-A and the HUD zooming in's purpose might be to make it looks closer to the normal AWM. Another reason can be claimed that Tencent would have copyright issues if they use the AWM model because of its color scheme mentioned above.



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