AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is a bolt-action sniper rifle featured in Crossfire.


Considered to be the "classic" Sniper Rifle, the AWM behaves quite similar to its counterpart in CS/CSO: Powerful, 1-shot kill (Except leg/wall shoot), double zoom scope, and medium bolt cycling / reload time. This gun is the only sniper rifle available in WCG, WEM, and CFS tournament, and often the weapon of choice for expert Sniper players. The AWM comes with 10 rounds magazine (20 in reserve), but in certain servers such as the North American server, it only holds 5 rounds per magazine, making scoring streak quite difficult.

In all CF servers, AWM is available in the Item Shop, often costs a lot of GP to obtain and some require a certain rank to purchase. New players will not be able to buy this gun with their starting stock unless they buff it up with GP+ Item, purchase GP or win GP via spinning crates.


  • Very high damage dealing.
  • Highly accurate.
  • High Bulletproof Armor penetration.
  • Purchasable via Game Points.
  • Dual scope phase.
  • Fast drawing speed.


  • Low magazine capacity (5 or 10).
  • Slow reloading time.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Sometimes only deals 80 damage.


Similar to the M4A1-X, a special "advanced" variant of the AWM exists, despite not featuring a stock variant. AWM-A features a longer scope model and bipod in foiled down position. Unlike the M4A1-X however, AWM-A does have a normal skin which is featured in recent CFS Tournament (fitted with participant team's logo).

Tips and Tricks

Although it has disadvantages, it's a gun to be feared when put in the hands of an experienced player. The fact that it's a 1 shot kill to most parts of the body, this weapon makes it a weapon of choice for just about all snipers. Quick-scopes and no-scopes are best used with this weapon for the fact that if that bullet makes contact to the body or head, it is unlikely that you will have to use a follow up shot, unlike the M700 (Beginner Sniper rifle) where it takes 2-3 shots to take down an enemy unless they've been weakened.

"Dodging skills" is the ability to be constantly moving before you take the shot otherwise you will be an open target. Suggestions would include moving side to side right before you take the shot or hold the walking key to slow down your movement and increase your accuracy. You can either walk or crouch right before you fire. Crouching provides the best possible accuracy but makes you an open target. A skilled sniper can often move into position, crouch and kill another player and jump back into cover very quickly.



  • The model of the AWM used in CrossFire is a British L115A1. The standard model for AWM.
  • The AWM is one of the few sniper rifles that ammo capacity varies depend on each server (Like MSG90, PSG-1, FR-F2 and Knight SR-25). Some servers however, still feature advanced AWM variants with 15 rounds, so the gun has +10 ammo on Item Icon instead of +5 like other servers.
  • Among sniper rifles, AWM has the largest number of variants.
  • During beta days, the AWM feature different moving animation, where the gun would bob up and down like older M4A1-S. It has been removed when CF was officially released.
  • Strangely in CF Indonesia, there is an AWM variant named as "AWM-A" but takes both model and skin from AWM-Camo perfectly. This was confusing many players at first since AWM-A doesn't have its own original variant and should be featured with bipod and longer scope as usual. It is later concluded as an error by players.
    • However, in CF China, AWM-Camo is actually named as "AWM-A".
  • In CF Vietnam, despite being GP weapon, a certain event in 2015 allowed players playing 120 minutes to get this gun for free.
  • On the standard AWM model and most variants, the bipod is folded. On the other AWM-A variants, the bipod is deployed.
  • In some CF servers, the magazine capacity of the standard AWM is 5 rounds. This is the correct capacity of the AWM in real life, as its magazine can only hold five .338 Lapua Magnum bullets.
  • There are two HUD of this weapon, one for male characters and one for female characters although they share the same texture, the HUD for female characters has smaller scope model than the one for male characters.
    • This is only present on the old AWM model.
    • However, AWM-Balance and AWM-10th are not affected by this.
  • In CF Indonesia, although it's already available as Basic Weapon in later update patches, it's still available in Item Shop cost 32.000 GP thus still rank restricted nonetheless.
  • In CF Philippines, and Indonesia when firing the AWM, the firing sound echo is slightly longer than other servers.(except for the CFS Tournament variants)



CrossFire - AWM - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AWM - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam - AWM-Ultimate SilverSmith -Comparison- !

CrossFire Vietnam - AWM-Ultimate SilverSmith -Comparison- !