AR-57 is an assault rifle featured in CrossFire.


AR-57 basically is an upper receiver for the AR-15/M16 rifle lower receiver, firing 5.7×28mm rounds from standard P90 magazines.

It was designed by AR57 LLC (formerly Rhineland Arms) and still produced by the same company.

This weapon has been converted with full automatic firing mode capability, so it can be used as a personal defense weapon.


This weapon is good in close range battle, since it has medium-high firepower and fast rate of fire. But this weapon loses it's accuracy on long range and also has high recoil.

This weapon is able to hold 50 rounds per magazine.


  • High ammunition capacity.
  • Medium accuracy.
  • Medium-high rate of fire.
  • Standard ammo capacity.


  • High recoil.
  • Low-medium damage dealing.
  • Long reloading time.
  • Unusable holographic sight.
  • Low spare ammunition.
  • Only has one spare magazine.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.



  • CF Vietnam and CF Russia are the only versions to not feature AR-57 in AI Ticket. The replacement weapon prize is CF-05.
    • CF Vietnam sold this weapon in the Black Market.
    • Meanwhile, CF Russia sold this weapon in the item shop.
  • In CF Russia, this weapon has darker texture and in the BagIcon the hollow AR-57 magazine is still attached to the weapon.
    • The hollow magazine is used to catch spent brass.
  • This weapon is mistakenly classed as an assault rifle rather than as a submachine gun.
  • This weapon is actually a civilian carbine. But there is also a full auto version of this gun that becomes the competitor in PDW weapons.

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