AR-50A1 is a bolt-action sniper rifle in CrossFire.


AR-50A1 takes after Falcon OP-99 for its extreme firepower and limited ammo capacity. This gun has the lowest ammo capacity among all sniper rifles, having only one single bullet in its chamber so players would need to constantly reload after every shot.

On the plus side, AR-50A1 utilizes the ever-powerful .50 BMG, allowing it to score 1-hit kill anywhere on body as well as full wallbang damage. It has a standard 2x scope, and has similar animation to Falcon OP-99 (albeit lacking a bolt cycling animation as the gun has only one round).


  • Very high damage dealing.
  • High accuracy.
  • Double-phased sniper scope.
  • Fast reloading speed for a single bullet.
  • Moderate drawing speed.


  • Only has 1-round per magazine.
  • Requires reload for every shot.
  • Very high recoil.
  • Loud firing sound.
  • Slow reloading speed for single bullet. (if boosted with sniper VVIP.)


  • CF Japan
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Español


  • This gun has the closest resemble to RAI Model 500.
  • This is the first obtainable weapon in CrossFire that's strictly one-shot-one-reload due to its 1 round capacity, although this could change with ammo buff from any VVIP sniper rifle.
    • Before AR-50A1, the RPG-7 also functions as one-shot-one-reload, but only in PVE mode maps.
  • Because the AR-50A1 has no bolt cycling animation to begin with, firing this gun when having more than 1 round result in a similar effect to Dragunov - the scope will unzoom for 0.5s then zoom in again. This gives the AR-50A1 fastest shooting speed with or without scope.
  • AR-50A1's folded down bipod is quite short comparing to other sniper rifles, and it has a wider spread (similar to MG3's bipod). Probably because this gun was meant to be used when lying down to the ground instead of behind low wall / cover, which suits its 1-shot-1-reload nature.
  • Another interested fact, if you boosted with sniper's VVIP, you will have more spare magazines but running out of ammo is not an issue and making it a largest spare magazines of all snipers thus allowing to survive longer, this also useful in fighting off mutants just be sure you have a company to take care of this.



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