AP Gatling Gun is a special machine gun variant of Gatling Gun in CrossFire.


AP Gatling Gun (Armor Piercing) is a special machine gun that available only in Devastated City, Boss Arena, Defense Mode (Hard difficulty in Broken Station and Shipyard) and Fatal Canyon map. It is provided to players randomly during special weapon drops.

This gun utilize a slightly altered model of the Gatling Gun with grinding holes, allowing it to be lighter and have higher accuracy. It has 350 rounds and once picked up, players can use it for 30 seconds (2 seconds for drawing). This weapon also can pierce the hardest point of the enemies.

The AP Gatling Gun has faster firing rate and almost no recoil, and players run around with it much faster. It also has a unique firing, barrel spinning, and reving sound not found on the original variant.


  • High damage dealing against enemies.
  • Able to pierce the hardest point of the enemies.
  • Moderate accuracy.
  • Fast rate of fire.
  • Very high magazine capacity.
  • Instant spin-up time.
  • Pretty lightweight.
  • No speed reduction while firing.
  • Low recoil.


  • No spare magazines.
  • Only usable for 30 seconds.
  • Only available in Challenge Mode.
  • Cannot jump while holding.

Tips and Tactics

  • Use this weapon to penetrate the hardest point of Corrupted Engineer
    Corrupted Engineer in Boss Arena is known of it's very hard to penetrate armor by using standard weapons. When the special weapon spawned, pick up the AP Gatling Gun and aim to the head and the chest to destroy its hard armor.


  • The system name of this weapon is AP-MG.
  • Unlike regular Gatling Gun, you cannot jump while holding this weapon.
  • In CF Vietnam, the AP Gatling Gun produce no recoil at all as its HUD won't shake and the crosshair stay tiny. Whether or not this is a glitch is still unknown.
    • Recent patches caused another glitch with this weapon and allow players to actually have proper recoil if they pick it up while holding down LMB. The crosshair will still stay static however.
  • Judging by the existence of Kill icon, this weapon might be a Game Master's exclusive and only accessible on certain commands.
    • In CrossFire West, there was a security flaw where many players are able to access the GM-exclusive commands. One of the commands are able to spawn this weapon, along with Laser Blaster and Sticky Bomb.


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