AK-47-Silencer is a special assault rifle variant of the AK-47.


Similar to the M4A1 Silencer, this gun is customized with a PBS-1 silencer to reduce firing noise and improve accuracy, at the cost of slightly higher recoil and reduced firepower. It has an unique firing sound (not shared with M4A1-S) which is a bit louder but still very low noise.

Unlike the M4A1-S which shares the same model design with its normal counterpart, the AK-47-S has a different model shape, which is a bit more plastic than its original counterpart. Some people also complain that the silencer looks completely stupid and like a toy attachment rather than an actual accessory that fits with AK47's reputation.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF China
  • CF Indonesia
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea
  • CF West



  • Originally there was a plan for an AK47-S Blue Pottery to be featured, but it was later dropped and replaced with a normal AK-47. Black Market preview image still showcases the AK47-S model, leading to people thinking it'd be the actual prize unless they take a closer look on the prize list (which shows a correct AK-47 Blue Pottery without silencer).
      There is a fixed preview image for the Blue Pottery Set in CF Vietnam client (See image on the right), but for whatever reason it was never used. Presumably because the butes still calls for the old file name, and SmileGate forgot to change it to the new file name.


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