AK47 Scope is an AK47 variant featured in CrossFire.


The AK47 Scope has an optical zoom red dot sight installed and a metal stock. It also comes with a black skin with red rose stripes like the Winchester Scope. It has a 35 round magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy. The dot sight's zoom can be used by pressing RMB.

AK47 Scope is also one of the "fastest" AK47 out there (in terms of fire rate), but its reloading speed remains the same as all other AK47's.



  • Some variants of the AK47 Scope come with fully functioning red dot sights, instead of just optical zoom when pressing RMB.
  • This gun is called Elite AK47 in CF PH (along with Elite M4A1).
    • This gun was also removed permanently in the Mega Lotto after an introduction of the new Black Market and now can be obtained in ZA crates.



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