AK47 Scope is an AK47 variant with a red dot sight installed.


The AK47 Scope has an optical zoom red dot sight and a metal stock. It also comes with a black skin with red rose stripes much like the Winchester Scope. It has a 35 round magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy. The dot sight's zoom can be used by pressing right click/RMB.

AK47 Scope is also one of the "fastest" AK47 out there (in terms of fire rate), but it's reload speed does remain the same as all other AK47's.



  • Some variants of the AK47 Scope come with fully functioning red dot sights, instead of just optical zoom when pressing right click.
  • This gun is called Elite AK47 in CF PH (along with Elite M4A1).
    • This gun was also removed permanently in the Mega Lotto after an introduction of New Black Market and now can be obtained in ZA crates.



CrossFire - AK-47 Scope - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - AK-47 Scope - Weapon Gameplay

AK47 Scope Gameplay