AK47-Knife is an assault rifle variant of AK47.


AK47-Knife is a modified AK47 with an attached bayonet to make it handy in close combat. Compared to the AK47, this weapon has slightly slower draw speed, slightly lower accuracy, higher recoil, and slower firing speed due to the bayonet that increases the weight on the front barrel.

The bayonet is able to do a one-hit kill stab to the head, arms, or chest. However, it sometimes it takes 2 or even 3 stabs to the arms or chest to kill, especially if the target has body armor, so this attack is only useful if the enemy is low on health and their ammo is out.


Available in all CrossFire versions



  • In reality, the added weight of the bayonet should decrease the AK47's recoil, not increase it. And attachments do not lower an automatic weapon's rate of fire, unlike the AK47 Knife in CF. This is most likely due to balance reasons.
  • This gun is placed in GP capsule in CF Vietnam and it's one of the first capsule ever introduced here (along with M4A1-Custom, which is placed in Cash capsule). Along with permanent variant, the capsule also contains temporary variant (from 1d to 30d), which makes it hard to win this gun permanently.
  • In CF Philippines, this is one of the few variants of AK47 that now uses the new drawing/reloading animation, as most of the variants still uses the old animation.
    • After February 2020 update, AK47-Knife has been reverted back to old animation.
  • In 2016, CF Russia initiated a limited promotion, by purchasing AK47 Knife for 90 days, players will receive a permanent version, but with a damage bar.
  • The AK47 Knife has more variants than any other weapon in CrossFire, only behind M4A1 Silencer.
    • Also, AK47 Knife has most VVIP variants than any other weapon and again, only behind M4A1 Silencer. Same goes for their reskinned variants (Noble Gold, Imperial Gold, etc.).



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