AK47-Trumpet is an assault rifle variant of AK47 featured in CrossFire.


Like the M4A1-Guitar, this AK47 variant has been redesigned to be disguised as a normal Brass Trumpet. It comes with 35 rounds per magazine and features an unique set of animation - a short fanfare is played when drawn, and when reloading, player characters will press the upper 3 tubes to eject it, insert another set in from below, and lock it in. It has a low-noise firing sound accompanied by trumpet notes.

In terms of stats, this weapon has slightly slow drawing and reloading animation compared to the original AK47.

This is the first (primary) weapon to feature special death animation upon killing enemy, in which they will dance to a short tune before dropping dead to the ground.


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF Philippines
  • CF West


  • The special death animation was not present in the pre-release of AK47-Trumpet, but added in much later on.
  • Unlike the M4A1-Guitar, this gun features an exclusive firing sound.
  • The special death animation is glitched in Mutation Mode & variants. Upon killing mutants, they will not have special death animation, instead just continued the previous animation before killing (i.e walking, jumping, etc.).
  • The special death animation not always work upon killing enemy, as sometimes they will simply has the normal death animation instead. It's unknown if this is a glitch or not.
  • The AK47-Trumpet has a sparkling effect, similar to Zodiac WS.



Cross Fire China AK47-Trumpet (Body,Head Die Dance) !

Cross Fire China AK47-Trumpet (Body,Head Die Dance) !

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