AK47-Scope Red Dragon is a variant of the AK47 Scope assault rifle.


Like other Red Dragon weapons, it comes with full Red Dragon skin and functional red dot sight, allowing it to score pinpoint shot at long distance. It still has high recoil, however, so players must aim carefully to kill opponents effectively.

Comparing to the original AK47, the ammo capacity has been increased up to 35/105 (+5); however, in some versions, it only has 2 spare mags (35/70).


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Europe
  • CF Japan
  • CF West
  • CF China


  • A patch in CF Vietnam caused a glitch to AK47-Scope Red Dragon, that after pressing the right mouse button, it took 2-3 seconds for the scope to appear. It has been fixed in later patches.
    • After AK47-Scope Black Stripes has been fixed wallbang damage in CF Vietnam, this gun is the best choice for players who want to fight with full wallbang damage. But finally, this gun was fixed too.
  • Among the variants of the AK47-Scope (including the original), AK47-Scope Red Dragon is the only one to have an actual red dot sight. The others, despite appearing to have red dot sight, are all equipped with zoom function only. This does not apply to CF China, CF Philippines, and CF West as the basic zoom function is being used instead; however, its game file still contains the red dot sight view for this weapon and somehow, it is never used.
    • The dot-sight scope view is actually a recolored version of the one from M4A1-Custom.
    • It was later followed by the Devil Wing variant, which also uses the red dot sight.
  • Before a certain event, this weapon was removed from the Black Market for a special box given at this event, just like the Anaconda-Red Dragon.
  • CF Philippines in last 2013 gave a special daily mission "AK47-Scope Red Dragon" for only one lotto spin.



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