AK47-Scope Devil Wing is a special variant of the AK47 Scope assault rifle.


Like the M4A1-Custom Devil Wing, this gun features a purple-black Devil Wing skin with a glowing purple aura and an devil eye on the red dot sight which has its pupil constantly open and close. When drawing or reloading the gun, it will emit a dark wing special effect. Unique from AK47 Scope and its variants, the Devil Wing uses a new model of the AK47.

Besides aesthetics, the Devil Wing features enhanced accuracy and the same damage as the original AK47 Scope, and comes with a 35 round magazine (+5).


Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • This is the first variant of AK47-Scope using the new model. It is also the second AK47-Scope variant that featured a functional red dot sight instead of optical zoom after the Red Dragon variant.
    • However, in CF China, CF Philippines and CF West, it is considered to be the first AK47-Scope that feature a functional red dot sight as the Red Dragon variant there simply has the scope functioned as optical zoom.
  • Interestingly, this AK47-Scope variant shares the same red dot sight design with the M4A1-Custom Devil Wing. Its most likely that Tencent simply recycled the same texture to save time.



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