AK47-Buster Gold is an assault rifle variant of the AK47-Buster. It is also the final upgraded form of the AK47-Buster Silver.


This is the golden version of the AK47-Buster with Gold skin finish in addition to the silver plates on its body. It now has 50 rounds per magazine in PvE, on par with AK47-Knife Born Beast ammo capacity in PvE, instead of 45 like the Silver variant and 40 like the original one. The MGL module now holds 10 grenades and each grenade will explode three times upon hitting the target, making this gun the strongest variant of the AK47-Buster.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.


  • During the beta test, this weapon in PVE shares the same ammo cap in PVE with AK47-Buster Silver (45) but it was later buffed up to 50 rounds.



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