AK47-Buster is a specialized assault rifle variant of the AK47.


This gun underwent a lot of design change, including side way loading gate with the dual magazine, plus an MGL attached under its barrel. It has fast drawing/reloading speed and comes with 35 rounds magazine (+5) and enhanced accuracy.

Being an Anti-Zombie Weapon, AK47-Buster is equipped with 40 rounds magazine in Zombie Mode and it features a charging bar - when it's full, players can activate the MGL module and fire 6 grenades in an automatic-manner like.

This gun can be upgraded to Silver and then Gold variants, but unlike the Royal Guard weapons, players need to use ZM Stone instead of Mileage Point, which can be obtained when playing Crater 2 or Boss War. ZM Stones can also be bought on the Trade System for 1 set of 2 stones, players can earn 2 stones to combine the stones and sell to other players also.

This gun can be upgraded to the Silver variant for 30 ZM Stones and 60 for the Gold variant. At a 3% drop rate chance, it would take about 1,000 games for Silver, and 2,000 for Gold.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

Upgraded Forms

Stats Comparison

Level Magazine Grenades Explosion ZM Stones
AK-47 Buster 40 6 1 0ItemIcon 4574
AK-47 Buster Silver 45 8 2 30ItemIcon 4574
AK-47 Buster Gold 50 10 3 50ItemIcon 4574


  • Despite being equipped with dual magazine design for faster reload, there is no unique reloading animation for AK47-Buster, instead, it appears to be the same with Sterling.
    • Surprisingly, the weapon has a reloading animation for the MGL in PvE (See in Gallery), which can't be trigger via normal way, although the animation is working, the player can't actually reload the weapon's MGL.
  • Aside from CF China that put this gun in Crater 2's Boss Crate for 7 days, it can be obtained permanently from boss crates in all other servers. If players win more than one AK47-Buster, they will be sent to the Temp Storage so players won't run the risk of obtaining too many copies of this gun.
  • This gun was supposed to be released along with Crater 2 map content in CF Vietnam in November 2018, but it was later scrapped; however, it was still in the game file. After 5 months (April 2019), it was finally released in 1317 patch along with its variants.
    • And unusually in CF Vietnam, the AK47-Buster has an abnormally high winning rate from the boss crate, despite being supposedly a good Anti-Zombie Weapon that can be obtained permanently. To balance this, ZM Stones are extremely rare, forcing players to farm Crater 2 extensively or wait until them to be obtainable from spinning capsules. The high winning rate was later fixed in less than a day.
  • At rare times, when upgrading the gun sometimes it fails whether the player equips it or not. This presumably a bug.



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