AK47-Beast Noble Gold is a Noble Gold assault rifle variant of AK47-Beast.


It features the same model and animations of the AK47-Beast, but it has a full gold plate texture and silver steel texture on its body. Its stats are pretty much same with AK47-Beast, albeit without VVIP perks (such as Bonus EXP/GP).


  • Available in all CrossFire versions


  • This is the first Noble Gold weapon to be released, similar to how its original counterpart (AK47-Beast) is the first VVIP weapon to be released.
  • While most servers feature this gun as temporary prize, CF West is the first to have both temp and permanent variant to serve as event prize. The permanent variant has been given out to all BC-Axe Beast user who has been inconvenienced with the glitch involving BC-Axe Beast's RMB attack dealing only 80 HP to the legs.
    • Also upon release of this gun in CF West, players have noticed that the killmark icon is different from the original killmark icon. The letter "G" is in the middle of the killmark icon while other versions don't have this.
  • While most servers serve this gun as event prize, CF Japan was the only to offer this gun via Black Market.
    • CF Philippines also offers this gun in the Mega Lotto, along with AWM-Infernal Dragon Noble Gold. This gun is offered in limited time until June 19, 2017.
  • In CF Europe, there was a bug that gives the player an actual repair bar with no repair button, and it was recognized as a visual bug, that also affected the gameplay of the weapon, increasing the recoil and reducing its damage output, but players received a brand new AK47-Beast Noble Gold until the GMs remove the broken variant in their next patch.
  • In CF Vietnam, there is a bug that make this gun doesn't have killmark when using the secondary attack, until now this bug hasn't been fixed.
    • Also, this variant is correctly named AK47-Beast Noble Gold in CF Vietnam although its VVIP variants are named AK47-VIP and AK47-VIP Inferno (Red Eye).



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