AK47-B Legendary Red is an assault rifle variant of AK47-B.


Despite being a variant of the AK47, this gun is given a more modern, futuristic design that makes it more resemble the later AK variants, and sometimes even knock-off version manufactured by other countries. AK47-Legendary Red features a fully metallic skin with red plastic added on top of the receiver and the buttstock to reduce heat, plus it comes equipped with a functional laser sight module under the barrel in place of the bayonet featured in other AK47 variants. This gun features 35 rounds magazine and shares the same stats with the AK47-Beast, albeit without Knife stab secondary function as the laser sight took its place.


  • CF China


  • This is a VVIP weapon because it can be found through the VVIP tag at the top, and it is located in front of other VVIP sniper guns, and Weapon Customization and Weapon Attachment can be used. However, it doesn't have any VVIP features.
  • In the game, the HUD Icon does not display the VVIP unique logo like other VVIP weapons because AK47-B Legendary Dragon is not categorized in one of three VVIP Weapon's categories: Victor, Noble, and Iris.
    • But when you view its VVIP privileges through the magnifying glass button in the inventory, the Victor logo appears on the drag button.

Alternate Skins



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