AK12-Iron Spider Noble Gold is a Noble Gold assault rifle variant of AK12-Iron Spider.


Just like other Noble Gold weapons, this gun features a shiny gold texture combined with silver plating. It retains no effects from the AK12-Iron Spider but still keeps all animations, although it doesn't change to red and violet color when reloading and performing knife stab while reloading as they are simply light texture.

After upgrading, it will have the same VVIP perks of the AK12-Iron Spider.


  • CF China
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil


  • Before the Noble Gold VFX is released,player can add the Green VFX to the weapon and use Melee Attack during reloading to see the Golden VFX.
  • The VVIP counterpart of the weapon will have jet sound when it is reassembled, but the variant does not.



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