AI Ticket Promotion

AI Ticket Promotion

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AI Ticket System (also known as Farming Ticket, Ghost Card, TOE Tag, Zombie Card & Slaughter Ticket) is a system that allows players to obtain various ZM-related weapons and equipments via Tickets.

The Basic

Players can buy AI Tickets in the Item Shop, while the preview image displays two (or more) best Prizes of that Ticket (One Character and one/two Ultimate Gold weapons). Clicking on a ticket will select it, allowing players to use the List button to check out the prizes it offer.

By killing zombies during ZM match, players will receive random prizes, indicated by the HUD and a special sound notification. In the event that players win Best item, their chat box will also display "[IGN] has won rare character (weapon) (EA: 1)". Once all the tickets have been used, the prizes will be stored in players' Item Storage. Once players finish the match, or go into a new ZM room (desertion/kicked/disconnected), the Prize List will display, telling them their earned prizes.

When in a ZM room, players can see how many people using AI tickets in that room - more people means more chance to win Best prize, and everyone also receive small boost (EXP, GP and Points). Higher number of tickets increase the chance to win rare items, and an Achievement also boost this rate up significantly if equipped. Shooting high-level zombies (Dread, Slug...) also help increasing this rate.

Version Differences

Except CF China with only Character permanent, other versions has Best Item permanent when win the prize.


  • Any damage caused by players on the zombies will stand a chance to drop an item. If players use shotgun or a grenade to clear a large group of zombies, they may end up using several tickets at once.
  • Similar to Reward Crates, AI Farming allows instant prizes receive even when players are still in middle of the match, so they won't lose it if they get disconnected by error or similar reason
  • Each versions of Crossfire has a different AI Tickets name. Note for the each name can be seen in the right of the ItemIcon.
  • So far, CF China, Vietnam, North America, Brazil, Europe, Russia and Espanol has 4 AI Tickets, all other servers have 3 at max. Also the 4th Ticket is the only one that doesn't contain Ultimate Gold weapons as secondary best prizes, except CF Russia, Brazil and Europe.
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