AA-12-Transformers is a VVIP shotgun variant of the AA-12.


This is the first VVIP shotgun added to CrossFire and like with other Transformers weapons, it features a futuristic beast decoration with the blue and white color scheme on its body and the drum magazine. In addition, an additional loading gate is installed to the front and the ejection port is now controllable by a button near the trigger, allowing ammo swap in the middle of a firefight.

Static wise, the AA-12-Transformers is superior compared to other AA-12s, with the normal PvP stats increased like the Buster variant (though the recoil and pellet spread is still very high). This gun comes with 25 rounds magazine, the largest amount among all AA-12 in normal PvP, and up to 30 rounds in Mutation Mode and variants along with 240 spare rounds, allowing players to last much longer in a firefight. In addition, it can use Slug Shell just like the Ares/Ghetto shotguns, so players can easily "snipe" opponents from distance and still have a large magazine to fight in a CQB situation.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil

VVIP Features

  • Additional (+1) spare magazine for all equipped shotgun. (CF China)
  • Increased push back force against Mutants (in MM & variants).
  • Higher Jump in MM & variants (change the setting in inventory). (CF West & Brazil)
  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everyone.
  • 20% GP bonus for everyone.


  • During beta development, the AA-12 Transformers was planned to be both Anti-Zombie and Anti-Mutant shotgun, but upon release, it was removed from Anti-Zombie class, meaning it'll only function as a normal AA-12 in ZM and variants.
  • This gun is the first VVIP to give extra spare magazine for equipped weapons of the same class, whereas previous VVIPs only gives extra ammo per magazine or none at all.
  • Unique from other AA-12, this gun features a different firing sound, taken from the Buster Shot sound from AA-12 Buster. Also, the firing sound in slug mode is shared from M37 Stakeout-Ares.
  • Unlike the Ares/Ghetto shotguns, AA-12 Transformers has two unique animations when swapping to Slug Shells and Buckshot: Player character will open the loading gate at the barrel and insert a Slug Shell in, but they will eject out the Slug Shell by pressing release on the Ejection Port and put in a Buckshot Shell before closing it again.
  • This gun has been teased in a concept artwork by Tencent for years before it's finally revealed in CF China's August pre-test patch, presumably because Tencent was too busy trying to balance it before releasing it.
  • This gun also has a front sight similar to M4A1 instead of most AA-12 variant.



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