The 9th Anniversary WS is a weapon set for the celebration of 9th Anniversary in Crossfire (8th Anniversary Celebration for CF Philippines). The weapons feature the a mixture of blue, red, yellow and white colors on their body.

  • Exclusive in CF China & CF West: this set has the 9th logo on its body.

Weapon List


  • The number 9 logo is somewhat looks similar to the logo of Beats Electronics if turned upside down.
  • In all versions other than China and West, the number 9 on the weapon has been removed.
  • This weapon set that has various alternate name depending on the server/region.
  • This is the only anniversary set that can make up one complete bag (Primary, Secondary, Melee and Grenade).
  • When this weapon set was first released in CF West, the mark was also removed like most servers. After a short time, the mark was later added like CF China.
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