"The 9A-91 is one of the world’s smallest rifles with additional magazine. Receiving the God of Death, Hades' grace, it's beautiful skin that makes higher value to collect."
- Weapon description

9A-91-Scorpius is a Zodiac assault rifle variant of 9A-91 featured in CrossFire.


This weapon features the same design concept of M14 EBR-Taurus and Mauser M1896-Libra, except the zodiac sign and icon on this weapon is a golden scorpion, hence given the name 9A-91-Scorpius.

This gun has the same stats with the original 9A-91 such as it's compact design, very fast firing rate, and high accuracy.

But this weapon has an additional spare magazine, making it more effective and can last longer in battle.


  • Very fast rate of fire.
  • High accuracy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low to medium recoil.
  • Moderate damage dealing.
  • Very fast reloading speed.
  • High magazine reserve. (some version)


  • Low amount of ammunition per magazine.
  • Easily runs dry.


  • CF China
  • CF Japan
  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Russia
  • CF West
  • CF Brazil
  • CF Korea
  • CF Philippines
  • CF Indonesia


  • This gun lacks the special sound effect when drawing/reloading in CF Vietnam. Whether or not it will be fixed is still unclear.
  • The gems on the side of the gun light up with a rainbow effect when the gun is reloaded in different versions of CrossFire, but not all.
  • In CF Philippines, just like the other Zodiac weapons, this gun is undroppable upon the death of its user.


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