The 9A-91 is one of the world’s smallest rifles. Made in Russia it is lightweight and can be used for fast combat deployment.
- Weapon description

9A-91 is an assault rifle in CrossFire.


9A-91 has a small yet compact design, allowing it to fire very fast along with high accuracy. Besides that, this weapon is also lightweight and has fast drawing and reloading time.

The only downside is that the 9A-91 has a small magazine capacity (20 rounds, plus 60 in reserve), so it can easily run dry, often without being able to kill the target due to its low damage per bullet.


  • Very fast rate of fire.
  • High accuracy.
  • Lightweight. (lightest of all rifles)
  • Low to medium recoil.
  • Moderate damage dealing.
  • Very fast reloading speed.
  • High magazine reserve. (some version)
  • Has six spare magazines. (CF Philippines only.)


  • Low amount of ammunition per magazine.
  • Easily runs dry.


Available in all CrossFire versions



  • The VSK-94 is a sniper rifle that is based on this weapon.
    • Funny enough, VSK-94 had been released first in CrossFire for years before the release of 9A-91.
    • Ironically, the VSK-94 has the wrong ejection port placed on the left side of the weapon. Meanwhile, the 9A-91 has the correct ejection port place.
  • It shares the same sounds with MP5, including drawing, firing, and reloading sound. Possibly the developers are too lazy to make a new sound for 9A-91 so they go cheap by reused sounds from the MP5.
  • In CF Vietnam and CF Russia, 9A-91 is one of the few banned weapons in the public match - more often than not, the whole room will try to kick any 9A-91 users if they pull off a few killstreaks.
    • The same thing goes in CF Brazil. This gun is the most hated in the entire community, going as far as receiving its own sobriquet - "A Vip de Pobre", The Poor Man's VVIP.
  • CF Philippines is the only version that features the 9A-91 with a high magazine capacity, with 20 rounds and 120 in reserve. This gun was sold in the Item Shop as a temporary eCoin weapon.
    • The 9A-91 was mysteriously removed from the Item Shop after the Last Bastion patch update.
  • In some versions (and other servers in the future), this gun has become one of the new basic weapons, replacing the M16 and M700.
  • When male characters draw, the 9A-91 looks normal. But when female characters do, the 9A-91 the charging handle doesn't move.
    • The 9A-91's charging handle is folded up instead of down.



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