707th Special Mission Battalion is a male character featured in Crossfire.


The 707th Special Mission Battalion is the elite Special Forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The battalion's nickname is 'White Tiger.'

The unit also has a small number of female special forces operatives. They are used in counter-terror operations where the presence of a woman is not seen as a threat to a terrorist.

The BL side of 707 seems to be a commando while the GR side is seem like an improved version of S.W.A.T.


  • CF Vietnam
  • CF Korea
  • CF Japan
  • CF Russia


  • In CF Korea, they have their own Korean voice over instead of the default English one for this character, while in other versions they're using the English one.
    • Interestingly, while their Korean voice over is exist in the game files of CF Vietnam, they still uses the English voice.
  • In the official website of CF Philippines, 707 was featured as one of the characters available in the game however, the character is still not available in the version of the game up to this time.
    • 707 was already removed from the character list in the CF Philippines website after it was revamped.
  • The Korean voice of 707 contains some "Easter Eggs" - on the 7th kill out of the 8 kill combo, BL 707 will say "Beullaeg Liseuteu!", which is Black List and GR 707 will say "Geullobeol Liseukeu!", which is Global Risk, on the 8th kill out of the 8 kill combo, they will shout "CROSSFIRE!!!". This was later carried over to Super Soldiers kill sounds.
  • When promote for this character before update, CF Vietnam uses the render pictures of Flying Tigers. This makes most players confused.
  • Despite being one of the earliest characters released in the game (after the three default characters), currently it's only available in three versions (four if also count the terminated CF Japan), which are CF Korea, CF Vietnam and CF Russia.
  • The HUD of this character is reused from SWAT, but the GR side is changed from blue shirt to gray shirt; however, in CF Vietnam, this character have different gloves model compared to other versions (also reskinned from SWAT).


The 707's Korean voices can be used on any non-Korean characters by replacing them with the default "English" voices. Here are the files extracted from CF Korea: Korean voice

This link includes both Korean voice for 707 (male) and STAR (female), plus their Ghost voices (In Ghost Mode/Shadow Mode, Mutation Mode and its variants).


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