10th Anniversary WS is the weapon set for the celebration of 10th anniversary in some CrossFire versions.

In CF Vietnam, the weapon set features the 10th anniversary logo of CF Vietnam on the design with ones flying around the weapons like Halloween WS (2014); furthermore, this set is similar to Balance WS in term of stats and design.

In CF China, the weapon set features 10th anniversary logo of CF China on the design. The weapon textures are various due to the fact most of them are from existed variants.

In CF West, the weapon set features a CF logo with an orange X in the background symbolizing 10 as a roman numeral. They are also reskins of the Tournament WS with the same updated models and stat re-balances.

In CF Russia, the weapon set features the 10th logo of CF Russia on the design. Most of the weapons' texture are from the stock variant, however.

Weapon List


  • In CF Vietnam, most default weapons got nerfed (like Desert Eagle with reduced firing speed and damage dealing, or AK47 with reduced firing speed and terrible spraying pattern), so this is the chance for default weapon lovers to obtain it permanently.
  • There are two capsules that players can use to win the 10th Anniversary weapons, the first is a 4-in-1 combo capsules that are sold in Black Market, and the second are 10th Anniversary Event capsule with 4 variants (AK47, M4A1, AWM and Desert Eagle), each contains only one permanent weapon of the same capsule name. When first released, these crates are awarded to players playing 30 minutes every day after the patch went live for up to 66 capsules to be obtained, but the one players get will be randomly decided, so one could get lots of AWM or Desert Eagle capsules but no AK47 or M4A1 capsules for example.
    Flashbang 10th Logo
  • The 10th anniversary mark of CF China is created based on the written number 10 in Chinese (十) and you can see both look similar to a cross.
  • In CF West, the only way to get a 10th anniversary weapon is doing a month long event that results in a permanent version of varying weapons. There are a total of 12 (number of months) weapons during the 10th year of CF West with 1 each corresponding month, and seemingly the same weapons as Tournament WS/CFS.


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